This popped up on Creative Review yesterday. They didn’t really comment on the update but focused the story on the agency that updated it, which was their ad agency, as opposed to a dedicated branding agency.

I don’t really have a problem with that, there are surely plenty of talented creative types who can do this kind of thing within the agency, so why shouldn’t they. Although what they’ve come up with leaves me feeling a little cold. It ticks all the current big brand update boxes; A ribbon, check, gradients, check, customised font, check, friendly and environmental green, check!

There is plenty wrong with it but I wouldn’t say it’s hateful to look at and it will look nice on customers bills and in their promotional materials. But I do have issues with it.

New British Gas Logo

…A number of my posts have found themselves a new home on my new logo blog This one can be found in full on the British Gas Logo post on, read this article in full over there!