I was in Derby this morning and to make things equal with my trip to Nottingham last week, I visited QUAD (Derby’s contemporary arts venue, cinema and bar). You know the one, it’s all pointy angles and curiously wonky pillars, by the Assembly Rooms.

They had the second part of a series of exhibitions entitled All That Fits: The Aesthetics Of Journalism. The exhibit opened today and was held in the venues ‘Gallery Space’.

Now I’ll just say I didn’t catch part one, but as the 2nd part was titled “The Image” and images are something that I enjoy, I thought it a worthy detour.

The Galley Space itself was laid out with a pleasing green paint job and a number of benches to sit on, stick on a pair of headphones and watch a video installation build into a form opposite. There were also a couple of slideshow installations in there own little side rooms as well as a number of photograph exhibits.

The photographic exhibits drew my impatient eye first, particularly a huge diptych photograph showing a scene in Afghanistan of US soldiers doing some shouting, damaged buildings and confused civilians all watch by a film crew and presumably the photographer. The photo was incredibly detailed, HD photography you could say, very striking.

I also bit the bullet and sat to watch a video exhibit. The piece showed a training course for business people, journalists and government officials who are going to Afghanistan and Iraq. Most humorous almost Brass Eye esq. footage of white collar workers pretending to cope with incoming fire in a welsh (I think) car park.

Overall I didn’t get the feeling that I understood the framing and positioning of journalistic images which I read is the goal, but I did enjoy browsing the imagery, and I’ll I will certainly pop to part 3 on the 13th of July.