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Representing your organisations values, vision and ambition, that’s your brand. It’s central to your visual communication, it needs to pull it’s weight and perform. I develop, design and create brands that are appropriate to your target market, stand out in your sector and keep your business ahead of your competitors.


Your brand will increase awareness, improve visibility, create desirability and key to it all improve sales.

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By collaborating on a brand for your business, you’ll get the following from me:


· Dedication – The success of your design is important to me, it’s not one among 20 others I’m trying to juggle. That means we sit down and get to discuss you, your business, the aims of the brand and what you’re trying to achieve. I’m looking to get a feel for the business so I can create an appropriate, successful brand.


· Experience – Whatever the project cost, you get my experience. I’ve been practising design since 1997, creating logos and branding since 2004, and working directly with people like you freelance since 2011. I bring significant experience and skill to each brand. I’ll advise you on what I think will and won’t work. If you have an idea or suggestion, I’ll tell you why it may or may not work.


· Great Results – I pride myself on getting things right. I don’t limit things like the number of ideas or revisions, we thrash this thing out until it’s correct! I tend to provide 2-3 options, it could be more depending on how inspiration strikes! These won’t be small variations on a theme, but distinct design directions. They’ll also be solutions I think will work, and I’ll give my rationale for why I think that.


· Creativity – With research and discovery, idea creation and conceptualisation, I work to make even early drafts on point. This differs per client, but it’s a result of getting out from behind my desk, pulling out a pencil and working to come up with unique angles and thoughtful solutions.


· Time – Ideas may come quickly or they may stew for a while, but the craft of designing a logo takes time, and I will give each design the time it needs. Once an idea is solidified, I take time to refine, iterate and improve. Later on, once a design is agreed, each element is perfected, be that kerning letters to look spot on or aligning and sizing the logo mark for perfect production.


· Knowlege – Often it’s the simple things, once you know, it’s obvious. For example, did you know that if you put an element in the dead centre of a piece of paper, visually it looks like its lower down that it is? Shift that shape up a cm or so, even though it’s not mathematically central, the human eye thinks it is? This sort of knowledge is invaluable, and I’ll bring it to your project!


· Someone to speak to – I’m here, with a phone. You can call anytime and speak to me, or even better, we can meet and grab a coffee.


· A brand not a logo – I create brands. I’ve interchanged logo and brand a lot in this article, which is a little remiss of me. What most companies need is a brand, the logo is one important element of their brand. At my lowest price point, I’m going to deliver a logo to you. However, during the journey of getting to that, I will have shown the direction of where I think the wider brand will go. That may have been in a mockup for some business cards to show how the design would look in “real life”. You’ll also get a small document detailing the colours used, fonts and logo variations, so that going forward, you can begin to apply the design as a brand.


If budgets allow, I can work on much larger branding solutions where I look how the visual elements of your brand would look, working with such things as business stationery design, signage, vehicle graphics, web site design, uniforms, brochures, posters, the list goes on.


· Every File You’ll Ever Need – This is something I notice all the time, clients may come to get a logo recreated because their now-defunct original designer didn’t give the correct files. It’s more likely, however, there’s a sudden need for a logo for a specific application, perhaps tiny for a web favicon, 1 colour for a newspaper advert or in a reverse colour for some promotional purpose.


So I ensure that I’ve provided “Every File You’ll Ever Need”, which, depending on the design may be alternative lockups, differing colour versions, 1 colour versions and specially designed variants for small applications. On top of this, for each variant, I provide them in all the popular formats, png and jpeg for use internally by your own team and professional formats including the source .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file to supply to people like signwriters or print professionals.

Read more on this in my article “Logo Project Delivery, What Files Should You Expect?“.

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