I was commissioned to create a brand for SA Thompson & Associates, an immigration law specialist solicitors with offices based on Fleet Street, London.

SA Thompson were looking for a new identity to promote their focus on immigration law and were starting from scratch when it came too the look and feel. Some guidance was given that the brand should be modern and relevant beyond the UK, recognisable to those who don’t have English as a first language.

Brand Analysis

I began by undertaking a Brand Analysis looking at how other solicitors and immigration concerns promoted themselves with their brand. This analysis identified a number of themes within the sector that could then be either embraced or avoided

SA Thompson Brand Analysis

Logo Drafts

I began be sketching some solutions before formalising these drafts digitally for the client to assess. Using the analysis as a guide I created solutions that followed the themes identified as well as a number that avoided them entirely.

These solutions were given to the client to view and consider, to generate a preference of direction, along with my advice as to what each draft ‘said’ about the brand we would be creating.

SA Thompson Drafts

SA Thompson Drafts

Brand Development

The client was very clear on the logo they preferred, which was draft i, but wished to use a more traditional font than on the original design. The direction of the logo was to combine the company name in a formal typeface, with a globe element in order to offer a professional smart image suited to a company within the legal field as well as an easy to recognise icon.

I took the original and created a number of alternative designs, options for fonts, colours, globe styles and positioning. I wanted to give the client as much control over the final brand as they liked and with some direction from me they chose a preferred combination.

SA Thompson Brand Development

SA Thompson Brand Development

Final Logo

The next stage was to develop the logo from the draft to a final version, with a last minute adjustment to some of the text.

The final image combines a strong classic font offering a formal professional look with a modern clean globe, intersected by dynamic lines which offer movement and activity to the more friendly and welcoming icon element of the design.

When placed together the brand receives the positives of both elements look professional and smart but friendly and approachable and easily recognisable thanks to the use of colour and shape on the globe.

SA Thompson Logo

Version Development

The next stage was to develop a number of versions for multiple uses such as 1 colour applications or when using the logo at very small sizes in print (under 10mm) as well as a favicon for the website and a iPhone shortcut icon.

For use under 10mm in print and small scale web applications
SA Thompson Uner 10mm

Greyscale version for newspaper advertising or fax purposes
SA Thompson Grey

1 colour version for multiple applications
SA Thompson Black

Stationary Development

The final step was to create the lawyer stationary, letterheads, compliment slips and business cards. Using the rich grey from the logo lettering as a complimenting base for the logo and information.

SA Thompson Letterhead

Business Card
SA Thompson Business Card Render

SA Thompson Business Card 1

SA Thompson Business Card 2

Compliments Slip
SA Thompson Compliments Slip

The total effect should suit the importance and gravitas of a legal entity whilst still offering a contemporary and approachable company for customers to interact with.