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    If good web site design is useful then your web sites must offer something of use to your visitors. Our widget shop was being useful to people looking for the opening times of the store, that’s great and they will swing by to check and possibly come in to your store. If you have a bricks and mortar shop, then opening time are a no-brainer. But if your looking to tempt visitors who don’t know they are looking for your shop, then you need to offer some more general information on the product or service you offer.

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    Use Facebook Better

    9 September 2011, 20:44

    Many small businesses find themselves setting up a Facebook page for their company. Facebook has such a high profile and is rarely out of the media with stories of both success and woe. Add to this the high number of users, 750 million and rising and most companies find it difficult to ignore. What many small businesses do with their Facebook page once they have set it up is another matter.


    Coverting #2

    8 September 2011, 23:32

    Well here it is, the Barcelona chair. I became a lover after a 1999 visit to Barcelona with college. We made a trip to the Barcelona Pavilion, Meis van Der Rohe’s bauhaus masterpiece. Maybe it was the sun, perhaps the architecture, I’m not sure but the whole thing stuck in my mind.

    And what would one sit on in such a fantastic place, well Meis’s super chair. Lovely pics below, linked to their original locations.


    Tilt Shift

    7 September 2011, 14:52

    I really like tilt shift photography, a process which makes real life situations look like miniature model worlds. Usually taken at a high angle or from the air, to give the effect of looking into the scene.

    When done on camera, a photographer moves the lens by tilting vertically or shifting horizontally, or both often using a specially designed lens. There are also tutorials out there to help create the effect or fake the effect.


    Coverting #1

    2 September 2011, 22:28

    It’s just so difficult to resist this chair, simply beautiful from the Eames, but far, far beyond my affordability. Still perhaps a bout of Eames browsing will help…



    1 September 2011, 21:38

    If you’ve not visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, near Wakefield, I highly recommend it. It’s set in 500 acres of the grounds of the 18th Century Bretton Hall, which is now part of the University of Leeds.

    YSP was established in 1977 and now boasts a number of galleries and a large visitors centre. Amongst the fields, valley’s and trees you’ll discover permanent sculptures from artists such as Henry Moore and Barbera Hepworth.


    Ha Ha

    31 August 2011, 20:58

    The latest exhibition at QUAD Derby is Ha-Ha Road, an exploration apparently of the use of humor in contemporary art. It advertised itself to me quite nicely via a hefty dose of jokes via Twitter, good, bad and ugly


    Max Huber

    30 August 2011, 23:36

    Huber, a Swiss designer (1919 – 1992) created some excellent, firmly avant garde pieces of work, from a time when posters for events and exhibitions had real style. Here’s a few to enjoy.

    If you’ve more time, and you’re in Switzerland, try the Museum. Or if it’s a bit far to travel, get the book. If that’s a bit pricey, try Flickr, if even that’s too much effort then you’ve no taste and I wash my hands of you.


    Triona Doyle

    25 August 2011, 21:07

    I popped along to the Hatch’d Out event at the Quad this evening.

    Had a brief conversation with Triona Doyle, photographic artist. Her exceedingly striking photographs are influenced by much gothicness and victoriana, but she describes it a little better…



    24 August 2011, 12:01

    I assumed I understood what it means to be innovative, I think it all the time of products, websites, and TV. A look up on innovation at describes it at ‘something new or different introduced’ but when I consider those things that I identify as innovative, it has to be more than just new or different.

    Shabby Chic Icons

    Shabby Chic Social Media Icons

    23 August 2011, 08:15

    Shabby Chic, the world of pretty, fiddly and flouncy bows, spots, stitches and buttons. My good lady loves it, my daughters room is full of it and it looks very pleasant but boy does one pay through the nose for it!



    22 August 2011, 13:10

    Pictures of chickens, at Chatsworth Farm, cluck!

    I’ll say no more, as always, bigger on Flickr


    Principles of Good Design

    19 August 2011, 13:01

    I wrote a short time ago about my appreciation of German product designer Deiter Rams who’s work for Braun, Vitsœ continues to reap praise. Indeed much credit has been given to Rams for inspiring many of Apples design goals and I lead designer (and Brit) Jonathan Ive has spoken of his liking for the chap.


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