Posted: 13 October 2011, 10:30 | In: Derby Photography

    I’m shaking it off now I think, so here’s a gentle introduction back to things. Some pictures of the big wheel that currently hangs above Derby demanding money to see the sights.

    I’ve a few issues with the thing. Firstly, the sights of Derby? Seriously, you’ve not been have you? There are no sights in Derby really. The UK’s smallest Cathedral (I think) and Westfield Derby, that’s about the lot.

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    Christ Church Derby Student Flyer

    5 October 2011, 20:56

    A quick post about the latest promo piece for Christ Church Derby which you can see below. It’s for those student types at the university, encouraging them to take part in a little programme designed with them in mind.


    Honesty and QR

    30 September 2011, 21:12

    A couple of QR code based coincidences popped up this week and one challenged me as to the kind of business I want to run.

    The pace and popularity of QR Codes has certainly increased since my first post on them, I’m seeing them about all over. Often they are nothing more than a link to a web site and not overly inspired, but see them around I do.


    What's Gray and Carries Power Lines..?

    29 September 2011, 21:47

    Riba recently ran a design competition (angery eyes) to rededign the UK’s standard Pylon. With some 88,000 pylons around the UK and a rash of new lines on the cards, the competition was set to replace a design that’s had little change since the 1920’s.

    IS it Hi or Hello?

    Update This, Tweet That

    28 September 2011, 15:31

    I’ve been considering my various audiences over the main social media outlets I use. As I’ve been expanding the blog and business I’ve taken stock a little better of what I do and why on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Flickr.

    Each of these outlets has a different audience for me and I’ve naturally adjusted what I do and how I promote the business on each. All receive the same update links to my blog…


    Coverting #3

    27 September 2011, 13:22

    When I started to think about setting out into the wonderful world of the self employed I made a list of things I’d need and would like in my home studio. It was quite a compilation and fairly laughable as I look at it now. I’d soon racked up quite a shopping list that turned out to be about 5x my ultimate start up cost.

    Typing Kind Words

    Why I no longer sell 'cheap' web sites

    23 September 2011, 10:44

    When I was rushing around getting everything set up for my business, one of my priorities was my web site. I’d had an idea in my head about how I imagined it would look and what I wanted to do on it.

    I looked around at other sites offering design naturally and I’m afraid I succumbed to a bit of a trap that I think that lots of other small business owners also fall into. The trap was trying to compete with bottom of the market, with those offering web sites and logo’s for super cheap.


    Locum GP Website

    22 September 2011, 14:30

    To compliment the branding designed for Derby based Locum General Practitioner, I also created a web site promoting the services Dr Lawes offered.

    Email Spam, maybe not

    Small Business Email Marketing

    19 September 2011, 15:36

    During the research phase of setting up my business just a few months back, I ran a survey asking small business owners where they spent money on marketing. One of the things I asked about was if business owners had thought about sending their customers regular emails. Email marketing was something I got into at the place I used to work and we were getting some real results from it.


    Don't get Twitter? 5 great business reasons why you should!

    16 September 2011, 16:32

    Twitter, 140 characters of information. Celebrities trapped in lifts tweeting their anguish, TV nobodies telling you what they had for lunch, or Justin Beiber’s marketing team telling his hoards of adoring fans that the mighty pop star loves each and everyone of them.

    That’s was the opinion of a guy I was talking to the other day, and if I’m honest my opinion a while back before I set up my business. And it’s true, the publicity arm of the celebrity world understand how to make most of the system and feed willing devotee’s with the latest diatribe of their clients.


    Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

    15 September 2011, 11:35

    We took a trip to the Wirksworth Festival on the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway (EVR) at the weekend. It was our first trip both to the festival and on the train, with a bit of help from the weather it turn out to be quite successful.

    The EVR is a great little project, community owned and run by volunteers. This means that pretty much all the staff are pleasant to speak to, quite the opposite of a regular train experience.


    Don't Fear Online Feedback

    14 September 2011, 15:17

    I mentioned in my post about Using Facebook Better that an objection I receive all the time and one that I believe is a misnomer goes like this…

    Me: Have you thought about using Social Media to promote your business?

    Client: Oh I have but I really don’t want anyone leaving me rude or bad feedback on Facebook,or cancel an appointment last minute via twitter.



    13 September 2011, 10:43

    Two years too late, but these are pretty darn wonderful illustrations with a space theme. Designed for the International Year of Astronomy 2009 by Graphic Designer and Illustrator Simon C Page


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