With much surprise on the 3rd of September, Android, the smartphone operating system created by Google announced a naming tie up with the KitKat chocolate wafer.

It kind of appeared from nowhere and the BBC reports that no cash changed hands, until this point the Google was calling 4.4 “Key Lime Pie”. The variations for Android have been named alphabetically after sweet treats and desserts, with Cupcake, Froyo and Ice Cream sandwich as examples.

But what’s more amazing is, and this is from my little Graphic Design site here in Derby, not your typical place for breaking tech news, but in line with the trend set by the KitKat brand arrangement, the next version of Android will be called “Liquorice Allsorts” and will feature a Bertie Basset inspired mascot!

This is great news for the Liquorice brand, originally from Sheffield, England. So look out for future packs of Allsorts with Nexus 7’s sandwiched between layers of coconut fondant!


Future "Android Timeline" Screen for Android 4.5 Liquorice Allsorts.

Fascinating imaginary news from Google I’m sure you’ll agree!