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The Glenorchy Centre is an affordable self-catering accommodation centre for up to 26 people in the fantastic Derbyshire town of Wirksworth. It is ideal for families or small groups, with a well-equipped kitchen and dining area, huge hall with stage and four bedroom areas.

The wonderful Grade II Listed building is located in a conservation area along a quiet cobbled street, with easy access to parking facilities.

The team at Glenorchy contacted me in order to update their existing functional site, which had served a purpose for a few years but was looking outdated and not performing within the modern search world.

Much of this under-performance both for visitors and searchers was down to a lack of content and an absence of navigation structure.

After an initial meeting with the Glenorchy committee, it was decided that to justify a new site, new photography and content was required and I began to develop designs a new brand was created to compliment the updated web presence.


Glenorchy Photos

In a disappointingly damp year, I took the opportunity to visit the Centre on a bright and sunny morning. I aimed to get some good external shots of the listed building in the sunshine, aware of the tricky placement of the building within the towns tight streets.

Inside the aim was to help get the scale of the facility across, especially the large hall, and describe the sleeping facilities visually.


Glenorchy Logo

The Glenorchy Centre didn’t have an identity, brand or logo as such when I began the project. There were a number of elements the Centre had used in various places, on signage and in flyers, but nothing fixed.

Once I began to develop a design for the site, I was concerned that this “non-logo” direction was unhelpful, and creating a tidy, appropriate logo to anchor the site would be good.

Therefore I created a design which played on the architecture of the building, a standout feature of the facility, in a formal rectangular holding shape.

This new brand helped create an improved visual presence for the hostel on the website and online in general.

Web Site

Glenorchy Screenshot

The site itself was designed to showcase the unique facilities of the Centre. Situated on the edge of the Peak district I wanted to get across both the beauty of the building and the charm of the town of Wirksworth where it is located.

The facilities are also unique in their nature with hostel like rooms suited for school, church and small group breaks. I therefore created a site reflecting the nature of the building and promoting the kind of groups who can best make use of the Centre.

Using 3 main colours, a sage green, dark moss and a warm cream, the site is classic and smart but not overly serious. Key photographs head each page showcasing the building and it’s facilities and large clear text supports the visuals.

Local images show off the area and the sections are filled with content to encourage visitors about the locales excellent opportunities. With plenty of internal images to explain how the Centre is laid out, any visitor should be without doubt of what’s on offer.

Polished off with a booking form and contact form, the site promotes the Centre in a fresh, smart and exciting way.

Technically the site is built to resize from PC to tablet to mobile organically providing the very best experience to all visitors including those on the go and is built on HTML, CSS and JQuery technologies to ensure cross platform, cross browser accessibility.

Glenorchy on iPad Mini

Finally the site has been built from the ground up as a “Google Friendly” site, with appropriate content, suitable markup and SEO elements to keep the big G happy!

Glenorchy Screenshot 2

So if you’re looking for Peak District Group Accommodation look no further than the unique and wonderful Glenorchy Centre.