About Me?

All. About. Me.


Kieran Harrod

Aren’t you just here to check I’m not a bit, well, odd?


Since that’s probably wise, I’d like to reassure you… Any oddness at this end only contributes to the creative flair you’re investing in.


It feels risky sharing anything too personal – what if you’re not a fan of competitive mooing? What if you’re put off by my duck herding antics?


(Yes, I’m kidding.)

So here’s a few things ‘about me’ I’m guessing you’d quite like to know:


I’m a bona fide graphics geek with two screens, lots of arty stuff in my home office and a habit of doodling everywhere. Graphics is ‘my thing’. I do colour, textures, patterns, depth. I go where you don’t expect. I like different, new and bold. I strive for design excellence at all times. I’m award-winning.


I care. I actually really care. I invest myself. So much so, I limit the number of projects I take on. I care about your story, your passion, your plans and your brand. I care about people and places and the future and all kinds of things. I care about my own brand too, so I’ll make sure you’re my next success story.

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Does that Help?

If you’re disappointed at the lack of gory personal detail and would really like to know more, I’m happy to swap bizarre hobby stories and embarrassing anecdotes over a brew… Just give me a call


I am your designer.