Lets cut to the chase, I’ll assume you’re reading this because are looking for a logo?

Good, because designing logos is what I do.

I love to work with brilliant clients to create successful, revenue-boosting designs, logos that I’m proud to promote for people, companies, charities and public sector organisations from varied sectors.

Just a logo or more?

People looking for logos (like you) come in a variety of forms, from startups looking for a professional springboard to established firms, public bodies and charities looking to rebrand and reshape their visual design offering. I create logos and wider branding and identity solutions across that spectrum.

Often start-ups or new ventures need to spend their limited budgets wisely, and an impactful, exceptional visual brand identity is a wise and important investment. Hit the ground running with a professional polish that exceeds more established rivals and sets your new projects ahead of the competition.

More established organisations are often looking to reboot and refresh their look, perhaps because they’ve outgrown their existing logo and brand or as part of a reorganisation or change of focus. With established materials in print and on the web, a rebrand is a larger task with all sorts of applications to consider from the look of websites to the style of promotional documents. The goal is the same, to stand out visually and promote the business in the best possible light.

Your brand could be seen as an additional member of your sales team, all be it one that works tirelessly at a time of the day that suits your customer, to present your products and services brilliantly.

Branding Excellence

Two words that encapsulate my design philosophy, firstly, I always strive to produce work of the highest excellence, and secondly working with excellent clients to become partners in their business success.

Logo Design Costs

Each branding package is tailored to suit your specific requirements. It may be the case that you just need a logo, but often you’ll want some applications of this, business cards and letterheads, maybe signage or promotional flyers? It’s worth noting that whatever the project scale, my core logo design offering is the same, excellent branding from research to drafting, refinement to delivery. No half measures just because the scale is smaller.

I’m not here to cut corners for folks with a more modest project, I’m here for Branding Excellence across the board, the same skill, care and effort for everyone.

Costs vary depending on the project specification, typically starting from £495 for a logo and stationary (very small brands could come in from around £300 logo only). I’ve created a Brand Identity Pricing page that will help you to identify where your project sits.

What do I get for that?

You’ll find some logo design services promising a certain number of ideas and a set series of revisions for a set price. That’s not the way I find things work best. Once we’ve scoped out the project together, set the brief and fixed the cost, you’ll get what’s been agreed for the price that’s been agreed!

I don’t fix how many draft ideas I’ll send, it’ll always be two, typically it’s 3 but it could be more depending on the project and how the creative inspiration hits me! I’ll never send anything through that I’m not pleased with to pad out the project. Ideas that I don’t think work, don’t make the cut. And I’ll not send 3 variations on a theme, but rather 3 different directions the brand could go in, all appropriate, but all divergent.

I also don’t fix on the number of refinements, we do this till it’s right.

I’ll offer my advice, experience and opinion at every stage. Each draft and refinement I show I’ll provide with rational and reasoning. You’ve employed me for my experience and you can lean on that as much as you need, I won’t leave you in isolation to make decisions, but be available and alongside you to share my knowledge.

For a real sense of what you’ll get, please view my portfolio.

But I know where I can get a logo for $5…

I’m not here to compete with the super budget services, or the website who arrange spec work logo design where multiple designers get paid nothing to propose ideas.

If that’s as far as your budget stretches, then I may not be your man. I’ll offer a word or two in warning, however, from experience with other clients who have dabbled in the low end. Consider how much of your time $5 or $15 dollars would buy. Is that even worth an hour? I suspect not. It’s unlikely to be an hour of any designers time, even one in an emerging economy. Anyone creating designs in less than an hour is taking shortcuts somewhere. At best the solution you get will be derivative, at worst (and if you want a real example of this, get in touch) it’ll be stolen from the web.

It starts with a chat

Sitting down over coffee, be that in person or on the phone or video call, is always the best place to start. I can get an idea of your project, a feel for your business and what you’re aiming to achieve. We can chat about initial thoughts and scope the project out correctly.

Get in touch to start the conversation. You may find it useful to think about a few of the questions in my brand design brief, that’s a big ol’ form that you can fill in if you like, but feel free just to browse it to get an idea of the kind of things I might be looking for from an initial chat.

Full Creative Services

Your brand doesn’t stop at the services I provide, far from it, as such, I have relationships with some exceptional partners who share my Branding Excellence vision. Perhaps you need some video production or photography maybe a deeper web development solution? Then I can project manage a team of freelancers and small agencies to deliver an all round bespoke brand offering.

Logo Design Examples


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