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If you believe in what you’re doing.
If you have a vision for your future.
If you have a brand to invest in.
I am Kieran Harrod.
I am your designer.

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Kieran has been successfully creating stunning brands for over 20 years. He takes great personal pride in developing distinctive, high-quality, exclusive branding concepts. He works with passionate integrity, crafting compelling logos and imagery, inspired by the unique story of your business or organisation.


Kieran is a highly successful design agency and now focuses his exceptional design talents on a limited number of high-quality branding projects. His singular ability to draw out the heart of an organisation and mould it into a striking visual logo, coupled with his professional yet personal approach, has led to high demand for Kieran’s work.


Please send a brief, speculative enquiry now to find out when Kieran is next available for a new project.

Selected Work

Identity Store Social Post Examples

 Branding | The Identity Store

Naming & Branding | The Coriell Award

Yellow Building Sign

Corporate Identity | Yellow Rail

Branding | E2E Supply Chain Excellence

Brand Identity Design

What’s the story behind your thriving business that has led you to invest in logo or branding design? In consultation with you, Kieran experiments with a multitude of relevant elements, including your physical environment, your product or service, your mission and values and your USPs. This process means that your resulting brand will have a wealth of meaning to your stakeholders, as well as a beautifully compelling visual design.

Logo Design

Brand Theme

Brand Naming


Visual Messaging

Social Media Templates

Colour Palettes

Background Patterns

Brand Guidelines

Branding | Insight+

CS Logo Design

 Branding | CS Security Solutions

Future Factory Branding

 Branding | The Future Factory

Care in One Place

 Branding | Care in One Place

Firehub Business Cards

 Branding | Firehub

Naming & Branding | Building Effective Relationships Together

Spirit Vaults Interior Sign on wall

 Branding | The Spirit Vailts

Reverend Beer Label Exploded
Corporate Hire Branding on Van
Outdoors for All Logo
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