After a year off, I’m delighted to reveal the 2016 Wall planner!

Last seen in 2014, the 2016 planner is better than ever before. My planner is on hand for tracking specific events, deadlines and my daughters school sports day for example and looks pretty delightful on the wall.

I find the physical marking of an event helps me remember things far better than programming an event into my phone or Mac calendar. There’s something satisfying about grabbing a Sharpie and marking off the days.

As previously the planner features highlighted weekends and bank holidays (for England and Wales), plus daylight savings dates. Business weeks return for those smart commercial types and the Summer/Winter Equinox dates to help you look forward to some well deserved sunshine!

The 2016 planner also helps you with a bit of lunar planning. If you’re into a bit of star gazing, see when the new moon is in the sky for the least distraction from light or keep one eye on when 2016’s best super moon can be seen (14th of November, saved you searching) and September sees a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

In 2016, bigger can be better because you can order the planner on A1 for the first time. For those with more limited wall space, the A2 planner is still available so no panic. Each has more than enough space for marking things off and there’s also plenty of space at the bottom for any additional notes.

Both A1 planner and A2 planners are printed on a very hangable 130gsm paper and will be beautifully crisply printed as last year. The paper stock is also really great to write on so putting in those important appointments is a dream!

I’m really proud of the 2016 year planner and can’t wait to get them into the hands of folks looking for an organised 2016!

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Ordering is handled securely via PayPal, which can be done with or without an account. Once ordered, the planner will be whisked fresh from the press to your address in a sturdy poster tube!

A2 2016 Wall Planners measure 420mm x 594mm – from just £14

A1 2016 Wall Planners measure 594mm x 840mm – from just £17

If you’re looking for overseas delivery, select the “Intl” option below and expect it within 7-10 days and packaged a folded neatly into an A4 envelope.

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2016 Year Planner