If you believe in what you’re doing.
If you have a vision for your future.
If you have a brand to invest in.
I am Kieran Harrod.
I am your designer.

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Kieran has been successfully creating stunning logos for over 20 years. He takes great personal pride in developing distinctive, high-quality, exclusive branding concepts. He works with passionate integrity, crafting compelling logos and imagery, inspired by the unique story of your business or organisation.


Kieran is a highly successful graphic designer and now focuses his exceptional design talents on a limited number of high-quality branding projects. His singular ability to draw out the heart of an organisation and mould it into a striking visual logo, coupled with his professional yet personal approach, has led to high demand for Kieran’s work.


Please send a brief, speculative enquiry now to find out when Kieran is next available for a new project.

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