Need a logo design for your business by Christmas? Thanks to some scheduling shenanigans I’ve a gap between now and the most festive of holidays to produce a logo for a business like yours!

What’s more, by way of back scratching, the design will include the logo, business card and letterhead design all for the unbelievable price of £395. That’s a saving of around 20% on the typical cost just for filling my schedule gap!

The timescale is ideal for anyone looking to launch a new product or service in the New Year as I’ll aim to be done before the Christmas bank holidays!

I need to put a few caveats in as generally I price on a job by job basis:

  1. This size project is ideal for startups or smaller businesses. Anything much larger than this and the allotted time wouldn’t really cover the process I’d expect to undertake, therefore the end result wouldn’t do justice to the project.
  2. The design will be made of either a logo mark (or symbol) and/or logo text. Browse one of the many of the examples in my portfolio to see projects of this type.
  3. The project process will be undertaken as follows:
    - Discovery, discussion and initial ideas
    - Design drafts
    - Logo design & refinement
    - Logo colour variations & layouts exported as required
    - Business Card and Stationary Design
  4. I may choose to document and promote the project throughout it’s process on social media channels including (but not limited to) Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Pinterest as well as on my web site.
  5. In order to deliver on time, we’ll need a great working relationship and agree to respond promptly to requests and drafts. If for any reason that slips, then the deadline will need to be extended.
  6. The project will need to be initiated before the 30th of November to have any chance of delivery.
  7. Should the agreed project scope alter significantly, the deadline will need to be extended.
  8. You will need to pay a £200 deposit to initiate the project.
  9. I can only do this once before Christmas, so it’s 1st come, 1st served!

That seems like a bit of a list, but I’m sure there’s a company out there who this will suit down to a tee! If that’s you, then fill out the form below to get started now!

Of course if you’ve a logo project that’s not quite a time sensitive or something on a larger scale, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

Decribe in brief the project for Christmas delivery!