Disciplines Undertaken

Website Design | Website Programming | Photography | SEO | HTML | CSS

Wash This Space, a new Derby cleaning company required a website to promote their new venture.

To go with their quirky name the couple behind the business wanted a website that ‘wasn’t boring’.

After spending many years in Marketing before journeys to live in Australia and France they had some idea for the look of the site and had just had their logo and identity realised by a local printers.

I was provided with a number of images, including a garden to be used within the site as well as the couples cat in various situations around various homes!

I was keen to avoid making the site look unprofessional in my search to avoid ‘boring’ and decided that using a different navigation system would add a little flavour to the pages without looking cheap.

The site uses a parallax scrolling effect to move vertically from page to page. This allows the colourful garden image to be seen between the ‘pages’ and adds a visual spice to the site.

The best way to see the effect is to visit the Wash This Space website, or if that’s too much, check out the little video below…

The site itself is 3 simple pages explaining the business and encouraging contact. It will be used in support of face to face meetings and to generate further business contacts from the web.

Wash This Space Screen Grab
Home Page

Wash This Space Screen Grab
About Page

Wash This Space Screen Grab
Contact Page

Wash This Space Screen Grab
On an iPad

So if you need any Derby Cleaners do get in touch with them!