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Brochure showing Mood Board

Stock 7 Furnishing Brochure Design

31 August 2017, 15:09

A series of eight brochures, for NHG Healthcare, promoting a range of furnishing options for care home environments.


Museum Guidebook - Crich Tramway Village

14 July 2017, 15:22

Creating a Souvenir Guidebook for popular Derbyshire visitor attraction.

Crich Tramway Souviner Guide

Crich Tramway Souvenir Guide

29 June 2017, 11:02

This just dropped into my (actual) mailbox, fresh off the press, a new 52-page souvenir guide for the fabulous folks at Crich Tramway Village.

Interior Design Brochure

Interior Design Brochures

9 March 2017, 10:06

A series of brochures and catalogues for interior design for a national healthcare provider.

Paint a Pot Flyer Design

Paint a Pot Flyer Design

8 March 2017, 14:00

This was a fun little project to fit around everything I’m juggling at the moment, some flyers for The Painting Parlour who already had various design elements in place, that needed bringing together in a fun, happy way to promote this paint a pot venue!

Azalea Charity Promotional Flyer Design

Charity Promotional Flyer Design

28 February 2017, 10:59

An A5 Flyer Design celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Azalea, a charity for women who are working the streets of Luton.

Premium Takeaway Menu Design

Delivery Menu

23 February 2017, 09:17

I don’t know when premium desserts became a delivery craze, but there’s half a dozen locally. This is a menu for the best*.

Visitor Guide Design Draft

Visitor Guide Design

23 January 2017, 07:30

A very sneaky peak at a draft cover of a visitor guide I’m putting together.

Womens March Placard Posters

Placards for #WomensMarchLondon

16 January 2017, 15:39

An exceedingly topical quick project, creating some placards for the upcoming #WomensMarch in London.

Proofing Artwork

Big Proofing Session!

13 January 2017, 07:23

Eight brochures & a sharpened 4H ready for an intense proofing binge!

Scoops Menu Design

Dessert Parlour Menu Design

11 January 2017, 10:36

Desserts menu design for independent Nottingham based dessert parlour.

Annual Report Design

Annual Report & Calendar

24 November 2016, 11:02

A combined design for a charity Annual Report & 2017 calendar.


Rail Brochure Design

8 June 2016, 10:19

Rail Industry brochure design of Sydney-based TTG Transportation Technology.


2016 Designer Wall Planner

21 October 2015, 11:09

Looking for a great wall planner, to mark down various events and deadlines or holidays for the yourself or the department, this 2016 planner is a good one, its very handsome, exquisitely designed and super practical, even if I do say so myself!


Sunni Mae Festival Poster

15 April 2015, 11:16

Typography based poster design for the excellent Sunni Mae Family Festival Willington.


Casino Fundraising Event Flyers

14 November 2014, 10:56

Stylised Las Vegas inspired charity casino event flyer design.


Parish Profile Document Design

5 November 2014, 04:12

Profile for Derbyshire parish.

Visit St Alkmunds Duffield website for full details of the post.


Internal Company Magazine for ISS

30 April 2014, 16:48

Creating an informative, concise safety briefing to British rail infrastructure staff.


The 2014 Wall Planner

21 August 2013, 11:01

New! Buy the 2016 Wall Planner today!

If you’re after good wall planner, to mark down various events and deadlines or holidays for the yourself or the department, this planner is a good one, its very handsome, exquisitely designed and super practical, even if I do say so myself!

Coming of the Kingdom Flyer, Acts, Christ Church Derby

Christ Church Term Cards

17 July 2013, 13:17

Promotional postcard flyers for my on going project with Christ Church Derby, a theologically reformed city centre church with a modern outlook.


CUE Brochure Design

25 June 2013, 18:45

Brochure design to support an international lifestyle product distributor.


Event Promotion for Mobilise Your Workforce

30 April 2013, 11:40

Promotion of a mobile technology event at Microsoft London HQ.

Polo Club Brochure

Lagos Polo Club Brochure

18 January 2013, 09:42

The Lagos Polo Club contacted me to produce a sponsorship proposal document for their 2013 season tournaments and events.

Promotional Brochure Derby

Promotional Brochure Design

31 May 2012, 14:33

As part of an ongoing link between electric gate automation manufacturers CAME and the MotoGP series, I created a promotional brochure targeted at gate automation installers.

CAME required an A4 12 page full colour brochure.


Map Graphic Design

10 May 2012, 13:39

The team at the London/Edinburgh/London Audax cycle event required some clear and distinctive maps for a website they were developing.

With a desire to steer clear of a generic looking Google Map and without the need for perfect geographical accuracy…


Promotional Marketing for a Church

23 April 2012, 21:17

Duffield Parish Church, Derbyshire commissioned me to create the promotional materials for a forthcoming course they were holding. The course is designed to introduce Jesus to non Christians and entitled “Encounters with Jesus”.

They had a very open brief to “not look like something a church would create”.

Printing Brochures

3 Great Reasons to Send Brochures to Customers

27 March 2012, 12:11

I love it when stuff jumps from the web into the real world. It’s great when I receive an email from my website with an inquiry, but it’s even better when someone picks up the phone and calls me.

I means I have persuaded visitors to call using just the text and pictures on my site.

SA Thompson Brochure

Legal Services Brochure

22 March 2012, 12:45

SA Thompson and Associates required a promotional brochure to promote their immigration and asylum application services. To coincide with an event for international students I was commissioned to design an ‘Student Services Brochure’.

I had previously designed the companies Branding and Website (UK Visa Applications) so…

I love to Print

Things to Check Before Sending a Job to Print

7 March 2012, 10:06

Whenever I receive a delivery of brochures, leaflets or anything printed my heart rate increases. I love to see my designs in print, I can’t wait to get the box opened and see how it’s come out.

There’s another reason that you might be a bit nervous to open that box of brochures, you might be a little worried to see if you missed any errors when the printer sent you a proof. That assumes you received a proof, which you may not have if you chose a budget on-line printer.

I love to Print

The 3 P's of Printing

23 February 2012, 10:48

Since going solo I’ve picked up work from all sorts of places from Southampton to Tyneside via Canary Wharf, and in all sorts of disciplines; web design & search engine marketing to various print projects.

Much of my work has been on the web side of things, which is great as I LOVE designing websites and I’m not surprised that digital work makes up the bulk of my jobs.


ColaLife Poster

25 November 2011, 14:47

I’ve been following the charity, ColaLife on Facebook ever since my friend Jeremy pointed it out on his blog Make Wealth History.

In a nutshell, ColaLife plan to make use of the spaces in crates of coca-cola and piggy back their distribution system to get simple, vital lifesaving medicines to local health centres in Africa. I loved the plan as soon as I read of it, such a simple but imaginative idea.


Origins Promotional Flyer

20 September 2011, 14:46

I created a design for the Autumn 2011 term card for Christ Church Derby. The series based on Genesis is called Origins.

The church has a vision to be ‘a church for people who don’t go to church’ and as such the church promotes themselves with a modern image that’s relevant to the people of a 21st century British city.


Jungle Jumble

5 September 2011, 16:27

I created a series of posters for a children’s church holiday club in Duffield, Derbyshire entitled ‘Jungle Jumble’.


Church Advertising, Christ Church Derby

17 July 2011, 13:22

Find a more comprehensive look at this set of flyers on the Christ Church Term Card Flyer article.


Christ Church Derby Promo

8 July 2011, 11:19

Christ Church Derby (CCD) is a church plant based in the city centre. Launched in September 2010, the church has a modern outlook on society, aiming to be culturally engaged and with an unashamedly evangelical reformed view of God and Gospel driven heart.

The church has been planted by an evangelical Anglican church, St Alkmund’s in Duffiled and is fronted by the former assistant minister Jonty Rhodes. Christ Church Derby is an independent church with a congregation drawn from every age.





  • 20 November 2017, 22:12
    Sorry…⠀ ⠀ …not sorry⠀ ⠀ Draft church #Christmas flyer.⠀ ⠀ #graphics #graphicdesign #flyers #church #branding

  • 20 November 2017, 16:59
    Festive promotional materials for a local #church have started to arrive!⠀ ⠀ #flyers #churchdesign #churches #christmas #xmas #christmas2017 #xmas2017 #promotionaldesign #seasonsgreetings #reasonfortheseason #duffield #derbyshire #derby

  • 10 November 2017, 10:53
    I can finally show off a recent design I undertook for a brand launching on #CrowdCube, can't wait to collate it all and show you more!⠀ ⠀ #logo #branding #vectorlogodesign #vector #logodesigner #logodesign #logoinspiration #designinspiration #designer #brand #lovelogos #logoawesome #crowdfunding #care #heart #colour #gradient

  • 9 November 2017, 10:24
    File copies for some a client's business cards arrived, they're much glossier than the photo shows!⠀ ⠀ #GraphicDesign #BusinessStationary #Grass #Green #Black #stationary #branding #printdesign #identitydesign #DesignThinking

  • 4 November 2017, 15:56
    Some #Calligraphy #Practice on the two munchkins names, getting from lowercase e to c is frustrating…⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ #drawing #calligaphic #mechanicalpencil #Staedtler #HB #handmade

  • 3 November 2017, 15:44
    Now we're trucking!⠀ ⠀ #illustration #lorry #woman #adobecc2018 #sprinkles #effects #layers #WIP

  • 2 November 2017, 14:01
    She's happy with the house I reckon…⠀ ⠀ #home #illustration #house #adobecc #adobeillustrator #trees #digitalpainting

  • 27 October 2017, 19:02
    Chavving it up at #RipleyFair

  • 24 October 2017, 18:23
    Sketching houses…⠀ ⠀ #sketch #2B #Staedtler #StaedtlerTraditional #geometric #Leuchtturm1917 #roof #window #wonky

  • 21 October 2017, 12:19
    Bit of classic reading methinks!⠀ ⠀ #pelican #book #vancepackard #pelicanbooks #classicbook #reading #Advertising #cupoftea #tea #propertea #logodesigner


Kieran Harrod Design

  • Ignite Logo Design Worth peeking at this little project I completed back in 2013 still looking strong!

  • Leigh Timmis Website Design Leigh is a round the world cyclist and speaker. His stories of survival self-motivation and the kindness of strangers have been published in the international and national press (ABC Australia BBC Daily Telegraph) as well as him making appearances on BBC television and radio. Leigh undertook a 44000 mile round the world trip with 5 a day to spend taking on the frigid winter of Tibet the desert tracks of Australia and South Pacific storms. He came face to face with a lion and sang to bears to hopefully prevent attack. Leigh was detained by armed Russian soldiers and drugged and robbed in Singapore His return home required Lee to look how he could leverage his passion for adventure day to day. Leigh chose to combine this passion and joy to provide unique talks and motivational speeches and required a web presence in order to promote his services. Armed with a series of breathtaking images from across the globe as well as a practiced writing art sharpened by his regular reports home. It was these two elements that became the fulcrum of the site design with large expansive image spaces to show off his photography and clean clear typography to allow his blog writing to shine. The whole site is wrapped in a CMS which allows Leigh to create rich image soaked magazine style blog pages recalling his exciting trip and investigating the landscapes and humanity he encountered along the way. The feedback from the Leigh has been exuberant: Excellent Looking great! bloody awesome! Visit: Leigh Timmis Adventurer online.

  • Art business - early logo draft . . . . #logo #branding #color #design #brandidentity #stationery #packaging #graphicdesign #graphics #digitalart #adobe #adobephotoshop #instadesign #inspiration #designspiration #photoshop #mood pencil #inkpen #brush September 23 2017 at 03:15PM

  • Designing Branding that Lasts Kieran Harrod brand designer with an office at Friar Gate Studios and tent folder extraordinaire discusses an issue facing many businesses looking to re-brand. This article was written for CQ Business Life published by Derby Cathedral Quarter. As I packed away our tent in heavy drizzle after camping at a family festival in Manchester. Others around collapsed tents too and I noticed a good few folks piling their tents in the rubbish bins. It struck me that there are tents cheap enough or perhaps too much effort to pack up correctly that they are just thrown away. Alone the rest of our party headed to enjoy the final days festivities I extracted the first peg mulling over an upcoming project. I was the second designer the client had instructed and wed chatted about their previous experience with an online service whod provided a capable design but one that they had no confidence in putting their name to. The brand like so many tents around me was disposable cheap and unremarkable likely to be scrapped as the customer suggested within 18 months. With some consideration it was decided that they needed to invest in a memorable solution from the start and asked me to work with them to achieve this. Carefully wrapping the guide ropes I thought of the work Id recently completed for Ashbourne-based Henmore Health who were looking to bring a modern professional look to the services they provided at their GP Practice. Seeking a brand that would survive in the ever uncertain healthcare sector and something all of their stakeholders could get behind. Together with the Henmore team through discussion experimentation and hard work I developed a brand inspired by the geography of Ashbourne anchored by the Shrovetide goals which also looks out from the town with confidence. Work in progress on the Henmore Health branding Folding the damp fabric tent into its bag I began to plan some ideas about how to achieve an equally successful design for my latest client. Creating memorable brands is hard work I dont want to my designs to be thrown out like a cheap tent after brief use but to be cherished and looked after so they can be used year after year. Final tent-free words to Danny Smart at Henmore Health: Kieran did a terrific job with the Henmore Health branding and the solution expertly met the brief we provided. Kieran understood the importance of embedding local culture in a brand that enjoys its heritage but is strong enough to venture anywhere Few I think can capture this the way Kieran has. CQ Business Life Article

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The work that you carried out for me was absolutely what I was looking for. From concept to completion and in particular what struck me the most was the fact that nothing was to much trouble to make sure I was happy with the end product which has certainly given my business the professional edge.

Chris Poplar - CJP Engineering Services


Designing Branding that Lasts »

Kieran Harrod brand designer with an office at Friar Gate Studios and tent folder extraordinaire discusses an issue facing many businesses looking to re-brand.

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