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Bright Bold Design for Derbyshire Soft Play Firm

18 May 2016, 15:11

Derby, Derbyshire, UK: 9 June 2016 – Derbyshire-based logo & branding creator and graphic designer, Kieran Harrod, is behind the new branding and logo for local new start-up Skyland Soft Play.


The Beginnings of a Project

19 January 2016, 10:47

The spark of an idea for a larger project inspired by former Derby politician Samuel Plimsoll.

Derby Parks Logo

Derby Parks Logo

27 June 2014, 10:09

I spotted this rather handsome “Derby Parks” logo on a sign, but I can’t find any more info about it…


Friar Gate Studios - Spark Co-Working

19 May 2014, 10:22

I’ve taken on some co-working space at the Spark Connect Derby facility at Friar Gate Studios. I’m incredibly blessed to do something I love (design that is, not the paperwork, oh no, far from it) in close proximity to the people I love (the better half and 2 sproglets).

Tree Kedleston

Tree is the Magic Number

8 May 2013, 14:39

Walking the other day in the Kedleston Hall with some of the family, we headed, not too far, to a tree atop a hill in a lamb filled field.


Pictures of Belper, Derbyshire

29 March 2012, 23:10

So I made myself a weak excuse to get out of the studio this afternoon and walk around Belper taking a bunch of pictures. It’s a quite remarkable little town once you look above the shop signs, some excellent buildings.

The March sunshine made things exceptionally pleasant, barely a cloud in the sky and quite barmy temperatures…


Derbyshire Snow

5 February 2012, 21:18

I suppose Derbyshire Snow is much like most other snow and like most of the UK, we had some on Saturday afternoon and Evening which led to a rather wonderful sight Sunday Morning.

After a morning of fun in the snow and an afternoon of fixing gutter de-icing and yard clearing (I am Man), I managed to grab the NEX5 and dashed around the corner for some photos. The sun was struggling a touch but thanks to the beauty of the area and the width of the 16mm lens, I got some nice shots.


On the Wheel

17 October 2011, 16:57

So we made it onto the Wheel in Derby at the weekend. It was a overcast (till about 30 minutes after we got off, typical!) and we couldn’t see quite as far as I had imagined. I could see the Pride Park flyover for example, but not the stadium.


Wheely Quiet

13 October 2011, 10:30

I’m shaking it off now I think, so here’s a gentle introduction back to things. Some pictures of the big wheel that currently hangs above Derby demanding money to see the sights.

I’ve a few issues with the thing. Firstly, the sights of Derby? Seriously, you’ve not been have you? There are no sights in Derby really. The UK’s smallest Cathedral (I think) and Westfield Derby, that’s about the lot.


Ha Ha

31 August 2011, 20:58

The latest exhibition at QUAD Derby is Ha-Ha Road, an exploration apparently of the use of humor in contemporary art. It advertised itself to me quite nicely via a hefty dose of jokes via Twitter, good, bad and ugly


Council Logo Tour

5 August 2011, 12:08

After bemoaning the quality of the new Amber Valley Logo yesterday, I took a look at neighboring council logo’s, to see what they are offering.

So here is my tour of Derbyshire via the medium of council logo’s starting in the south…


Brass Eye at the QUAD

22 June 2011, 17:43

I was in Derby this morning and to make things equal with my trip to Nottingham last week, I visited QUAD (Derby’s contemporary arts venue, cinema and bar). You know the one, it’s all pointy angles and curiously wonky pillars, by the Assembly Rooms.





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Kieran Harrod Design

  • Art business - early logo draft . . . . #logo #branding #color #design #brandidentity #stationery #packaging #graphicdesign #graphics #digitalart #adobe #adobephotoshop #instadesign #inspiration #designspiration #photoshop #mood pencil #inkpen #brush September 23 2017 at 03:15PM

  • Designing Branding that Lasts Kieran Harrod brand designer with an office at Friar Gate Studios and tent folder extraordinaire discusses an issue facing many businesses looking to re-brand. This article was written for CQ Business Life published by Derby Cathedral Quarter. As I packed away our tent in heavy drizzle after camping at a family festival in Manchester. Others around collapsed tents too and I noticed a good few folks piling their tents in the rubbish bins. It struck me that there are tents cheap enough or perhaps too much effort to pack up correctly that they are just thrown away. Alone the rest of our party headed to enjoy the final days festivities I extracted the first peg mulling over an upcoming project. I was the second designer the client had instructed and wed chatted about their previous experience with an online service whod provided a capable design but one that they had no confidence in putting their name to. The brand like so many tents around me was disposable cheap and unremarkable likely to be scrapped as the customer suggested within 18 months. With some consideration it was decided that they needed to invest in a memorable solution from the start and asked me to work with them to achieve this. Carefully wrapping the guide ropes I thought of the work Id recently completed for Ashbourne-based Henmore Health who were looking to bring a modern professional look to the services they provided at their GP Practice. Seeking a brand that would survive in the ever uncertain healthcare sector and something all of their stakeholders could get behind. Together with the Henmore team through discussion experimentation and hard work I developed a brand inspired by the geography of Ashbourne anchored by the Shrovetide goals which also looks out from the town with confidence. Work in progress on the Henmore Health branding Folding the damp fabric tent into its bag I began to plan some ideas about how to achieve an equally successful design for my latest client. Creating memorable brands is hard work I dont want to my designs to be thrown out like a cheap tent after brief use but to be cherished and looked after so they can be used year after year. Final tent-free words to Danny Smart at Henmore Health: Kieran did a terrific job with the Henmore Health branding and the solution expertly met the brief we provided. Kieran understood the importance of embedding local culture in a brand that enjoys its heritage but is strong enough to venture anywhere Few I think can capture this the way Kieran has. CQ Business Life Article

  • Stock 7 Furnishing Brochure Design The Stock 7 range of furniture from NHG streamlines the furnishing of residential care home rooms by providing a series of ready to use room schemes and furniture options readily available to order. This allows downtime due to the renovation of rooms to be minimal as owners can select the colours styles and finishes they desire from within a scheme with the knowledge that the items will be delivered without delay. Rooms can be customised within each scheme to create a cohesive look without being repetitive facsimiles of each other and with the flexibility to suit occupants needs and tastes. Each scheme has furniture soft furnishings and decoration options to select from all easy to order from the manufacturer all they need to do is decorate the walls using the suggested paints and carpet or laminate the floor again with suggestions to the carpet or laminate to use. To help managers and owners to choose schemes and options NHG approached me to create a series of 8 brochures containing all the options within the schemes. Each scheme is introduced by a mood board of colours and patterns allowing users to quickly get an overview of the scheme. This is followed by a step-by-step guide to the options available from bedspreads cushions and bed runners through to chair options style and fabrics wardrobes drawers and desks wall art paints and finishes. Each brochure follows a set style and layout with accent colours along the spine to help select the preferred colourway from brochures sat on a bookshelf. Packed full of choices and order codes the series of 8 brochures provide a complete care home furnishing solution full details can be found on the NHG Stock 7 pages. Brochure Set All 8 Brochures Brochure Detail Brochure showing Mood Board Bellingham Brochure Proofing the many pages!

  • Central Leeds Church Logo and Branding When the team behind previous church branding project Christ Church Derby were looking to plant a new church in central Leeds they approached me again to create their new logo and branding. The goal was threefold to create a design that reflected a modern church that exists the heart of Leeds with a reformed theological basis. The solution is formed from 3 concentric Cs with a central L creating a striking modern mark flexible for use alongside the church name or alone as an icon. The creation of a monogram is a nod to historic symbolism within Christianity combinations of Greek letters such as Chi Rho (XI) iota eta (IH) and iota chi (IX). The colour palette is serious but not overly important allowing the brand to create striking visual combinations that stand out from the city crowd. A final supporting element of stylised city buildings is seen on the various branding elements. Church Flyer Design Colour Swatch Sheet CCCL Banners

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Designing Branding that Lasts »

Kieran Harrod brand designer with an office at Friar Gate Studios and tent folder extraordinaire discusses an issue facing many businesses looking to re-brand.

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