Tips 1 to 5 of my 10 Top Tips to Follow when Planning your New Business Web Site, here’s the roundup and summary of them all, from 5 to 1…

Tip #5 – Be Number One!


The distinction between Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing is often not alluded to on web designers sites. Any designer worth their salt will ensure that sites they design are optimised for search engines, it’s web design 101…more

Tip #4 – Where’s it at?


When a user types in a domain name, some funny technical business goes on in the background, and almost instantly send the user to the correct site. The pages, content and images of this site are held on a computer somewhere, connected to the web and available to be seen 24/7…more

Tip #3 – What’s in a Name?


Your web domain is vital.

If you’re an established business you will have a brand or name to use. You can check if it’s available by visiting sites such as, which will look for your chosen domain and make suggestions if it’s already been taken. Many of the obvious names are already registered, so you may have to think a little creatively to find a name that suits…more

Tip #2 -Looking Good!


Deciding what your site will look like is important. Using the skills of a professional web designer to ensure the site is appropriate, attractive and easy to use, but your input will be vital.

Make a list of sites you like and don’t like, and why. This will help inform your designer when thinking about your new web site. If you make such a list you’ll be able to explain not only which web sites you like but also discover some reasons why that is. Perhaps it will be the overall look, or maybe it’s how the navigation works…more

Tip #1 -Why am I here?


So what is the goal of your site? If you are a small business, it’s unlikely that you are looking to challenge these complex online products and more likely that you have a ‘real world’ product or service to sell or promote on the web. However there may be web based features that can add value to your business, for example a beauty salon could integrate an online booking system, or a window cleaner could have clients request they visit sooner to clean their windows after a volcanic ash incident on their street!…more

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10 Top Tips to Follow when Planning your New Business Web Site

A series of articles exploring the most important things, in my experience that small business owners should plan for when preparing their web site. A new article will be released each day this week covering tips #1 to #5. To receive all 10 tips contained in the 4,000 word e-Briefing, sign up now.