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    Takeaway menus and charity bags. The new scourge of my letterbox, besides bills. I’m assuming that our doormat isn’t the only one which has started to receive inordinate amounts of both charity clothing bags and flyers from local fast food outlets?

    Both annoy, but in different ways, but I don’t really think I can pour much scorn on a charity bag, unless it’s one of those fake ones which is really a commercial venture who pass on a proportion of it’s profit (usually small) to a charity at the end of the year. Plus they do come in handy for storing plastic recycling (which isn’t doorstep yet round our way).

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    Look at my new web site!

    10 November 2011, 15:43

    One aspect of web design that I always encounter when discussing sites with customers is the tricky area of promoting their site. Often a client assumes that once they have employed a designer to create a site (or perhaps set one up themselves) then the internet will do the rest.

    This can be a very dangerous beleif for any small business. It could mean that the company has as good as wasted a large chunk of the cost of the site.


    Web Site Title Tags

    8 November 2011, 10:03

    Recently I’ve been trying to expand my Twitter network to include more local businesses, for a couple of reasons but mainly because if I’m going to move my contacts from online to offline, local businesses are the most likely candidates. I can visit their stores and take advantage of their offers as well as share local experiences and news.

    As a result I’ve been visiting the web sites of some of these local businesses.



    3 November 2011, 16:58

    Took a short trip the other day along the Canal on the good ship ‘March Mole’ along with the feisty Maggie the Jack Russell.

    After a short session driving (or steering, piloting, captaining or sailing, what do you do to a canal boat anyway?) we tackled the locks, which are pretty simple but exceedingly smart bits of proper engineering.


    Rusty JCB's

    25 October 2011, 21:13

    JCB’s are excellent. So excellent they’ve become one of those brands whose name is interchanged with a product in general, like hoover. J C Bamford began life in 1945 in Uttoxeter, and is still based not far from the town.

    Apparently Bamford first painted his machines yellow in 1951, and it’s become the colour for a digger.


    More Customers Please

    24 October 2011, 17:28

    It’s the top request from clients I speak to regarding their web site. Most of whom are small businesses who are confident that the internet is a place where they want to promote themselves, but often they find that their web site isn’t doing what they’d like it to.

    As a little food for thought, here are 5 things you do to get more customers…


    United Nations Postal Administration

    21 October 2011, 16:28

    Here’s a little something I’d not spotted before, the United Nations Postal Administration or UNPA. First issued in 1951 in the US, with the support of the US postal service, the UNPA is only non country/territory allowed to issue stamps.

    Later rolled out in Switzerland and Austria, the UNPA creates six sets a year on limited 12 month sale. Only valid for postage from UN offices in New York , Geneva and Vienna, the stamps become valuable collectors items, the designs which have won a number of awards.

    New Business Logos

    New Business Logo

    20 October 2011, 11:07

    I found myself browsing the StartUp Britain web site the other day. It’s backed by a number of big companies like Dell, Paypal and O2 as well as David Cameron, and founded by a group of well known entrepreneurs.

    Set up to encourage enterprise in the UK, to give guidance, provide tips and special offers to start-ups. There’s plenty on there but often you just get a ink to another web site to follow up on.


    On the Wheel

    17 October 2011, 16:57

    So we made it onto the Wheel in Derby at the weekend. It was a overcast (till about 30 minutes after we got off, typical!) and we couldn’t see quite as far as I had imagined. I could see the Pride Park flyover for example, but not the stadium.


    British Gas Logo

    14 October 2011, 11:27

    There is plenty wrong with it but I wouldn’t say it’s hateful to look at and it will look nice on customers bills and in their promotional materials. But I do have issues with it.

    Firstly the ‘British Gas’ looks really ungainly. The Gas in particular look wobbly, the tapering in of the G makes the a and s look wonky, the whole think looks like one of those optical illusions where the picture seems to be moving. The dots on the i’s are pretty much awful as well, designed to match the tips of t and h, but ending up looking like either fingernails or one of those mini cans of deodorant.


    Wheely Quiet

    13 October 2011, 10:30

    I’m shaking it off now I think, so here’s a gentle introduction back to things. Some pictures of the big wheel that currently hangs above Derby demanding money to see the sights.

    I’ve a few issues with the thing. Firstly, the sights of Derby? Seriously, you’ve not been have you? There are no sights in Derby really. The UK’s smallest Cathedral (I think) and Westfield Derby, that’s about the lot.


    Christ Church Derby Student Flyer

    5 October 2011, 20:56

    A quick post about the latest promo piece for Christ Church Derby which you can see below. It’s for those student types at the university, encouraging them to take part in a little programme designed with them in mind.


    Honesty and QR

    30 September 2011, 21:12

    A couple of QR code based coincidences popped up this week and one challenged me as to the kind of business I want to run.

    The pace and popularity of QR Codes has certainly increased since my first post on them, I’m seeing them about all over. Often they are nothing more than a link to a web site and not overly inspired, but see them around I do.


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