Found Type 2

    27 January 2012, 11:50

    Found these two examples of nice type, in Cambridge at Ridley Hall. Nothing more to say.


    Small Business at Hotmail dot com

    18 January 2012, 14:48

    Do you manage your small business email using services such as hotmail, yahoo or gmail? I’ve spotted plenty of local business in my area who advertise an email address which is something like “”.

    The Rise of Untrue Facts


    3 January 2012, 15:43

    There are few things that really get my goat, that rise anger or annoyance within me. I think of myself as calm and considered (too laid back as the good lady suggests). But sometimes, just now and then things get to me.

    People dealing in spurious unproven, facts and figures with either little or no evidence, that annoys me, but not usually to do anything about it.

    Top 10

    Festive Top 10 - Programs/Web Apps I use at Work

    23 December 2011, 12:56

    It’s that time of year when media channels of the world scrape together an magazine article, tv show, radio broadcast or blog post summarising one thing or another with a Top 10, 20 or even Top 100!

    Tweeting Facebook Update

    Reasons Not to Tweet your Facebook Business Updates Automatically

    22 December 2011, 10:17

    Many businesses who chose to utilise social media within their marketing strategy quickly focus in on Twitter and Facebook. Both provide communities to join and allow you to promote your products or service to a wider audience.

    Determined social media marketeers will quickly discover that there are tools available to link accounts between both Facebook and Twitter. Initially this seems like a great time saver, pushing your content out to all your followers in one simple package.

    12 Design Deals

    The 9th Deal of Christmas - CMS Web Site £850

    12 December 2011, 00:00

    A mistaken assumption for some small business owners is that once a site is set up, it will simply sort itself out.

    The “Build it and they will come” belief can be a real killer for small businesses and it will result in wasting the cost invested in the site.


    Christmas Lights

    8 December 2011, 09:55

    So Christmas finally arrived in the Harrod household as the Christmas tree was purchased, put up and decorated yesterday. It will be our daughters 3rd Christmas and we’ve developed some traditions already, the little one helps put the star on the top of the tree (and it really should be a star, or perhaps and angel, but fairies are really bad form and Santa is downright heretical).


    Reward Sticker Charts

    5 December 2011, 22:25

    I rustled up these sticker charts a short while back as encouragement for various toddler based goals namely eating meals, using the potty and brushing teeth.

    The teeth chart and meals one really worked for us, the potty one was perhaps too early for our toddler and we didn’t bring it out when we eventually persuaded her to go in ‘big girl pants’.


    How I Design a Logo

    24 November 2011, 13:28

    I was contacted by a new client to create a logo for a compensation advice website, Compensation Made Easy. The business was a new venture and they had almost everything in place including a web site but they’d not sorted out their logo.

    The site was due for launch in a week so the logo was needed FAST! This made encouraged me to create a small video that I’d been thinking about for a while, a condensed sped up version of the design process I go through for such projects.


    Website SEO - 5 Simple things to check

    22 November 2011, 14:56

    I always describe web site SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as a black art. There are plenty of ‘wizards’ out there offering magic to get your site to number 1, but there’s rarely any guarantee to success. In reality what you need to do is put in some time and effort into making your site super friendly to Google.

    Here are my top tips of things you can check to make sure your web site is in tip top condition for Google.



    16 November 2011, 14:46

    A few months back we made a trip to Hardwick Hall and had the double joy of some good friends and a bit of early autumn sunshine.

    The Hall is a pretty stunning place to admire thanks to it’s symmetry and large, almost (post)modern sized windows. Amazingly built in the 1590’s the interior wasn’t quite as worthwhile but the grounds were impressive and rather good for 2 toddlers to dash around.

    Takeaway Menu

    Stand out in Print

    14 November 2011, 16:32

    Takeaway menus and charity bags. The new scourge of my letterbox, besides bills. I’m assuming that our doormat isn’t the only one which has started to receive inordinate amounts of both charity clothing bags and flyers from local fast food outlets?

    Both annoy, but in different ways, but I don’t really think I can pour much scorn on a charity bag, unless it’s one of those fake ones which is really a commercial venture who pass on a proportion of it’s profit (usually small) to a charity at the end of the year. Plus they do come in handy for storing plastic recycling (which isn’t doorstep yet round our way).


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