Derby Council Logo - Non Jobs at DCC

    About as much use as a German Council Promotion Co-ordinator

    16 May 2012, 09:24

    This job title got me thinking about websites.

    Mainly how cross you’d be a a business if your website was as wasteful as these non jobs seem.


    Website Trust Signifiers

    4 May 2012, 08:01

    If you’re in the UK, you can’t avoid “The Bard” at the minute, that is if you read, listen to the radio or watch telly.

    He’s dead of course, but were he not, he’d be 448 and I guess he would be some kind of medical guinea pig to see why he lasted so long!

    Mobile Web

    Your Website on a Phone

    27 April 2012, 15:33

    Before I point the finger, hands up, I’ve done it too.

    Yep, along with the hoards of a new generation of mobile phone users, whilst walking down the street, I too have almost bumped into the bloke coming the other way because I’ve had my head down starring at my smart-phone.


    Kedleston Hall via Instagram

    10 April 2012, 10:37

    I’ve been looking over the shoulder of all those iOS Instagram users fr some time, hoping the hipster app would make it’s way to Android sooner rather than later. Maybe it was the engaged community or apparent cool factor, I’m not sure but I wanted to be able to try it out.

    So last week Instagram launched their Android app and I downloaded it that morning. I’m sure it’s coincidence and not because I signed up, but Facebook bought Instagram (for a measly 1 billion dollars, not bad for a 2 year old company that’s yet to turn a profit).

    Cherry Blossom

    The Cult of Too Much

    6 April 2012, 08:45

    I really like Easter, it beats Christmas hands down in my books.

    It moves for a start, keeping folks on their toes and making it a bit of a cheeky celebration. When it’s really early it makes the last throes of Winter most pleasant.

    But Christmas you see is a big supporter of the Cult of Too Much.


    Pictures of Belper, Derbyshire

    29 March 2012, 23:10

    So I made myself a weak excuse to get out of the studio this afternoon and walk around Belper taking a bunch of pictures. It’s a quite remarkable little town once you look above the shop signs, some excellent buildings.

    The March sunshine made things exceptionally pleasant, barely a cloud in the sky and quite barmy temperatures…

    Printing Brochures

    3 Great Reasons to Send Brochures to Customers

    27 March 2012, 12:11

    I love it when stuff jumps from the web into the real world. It’s great when I receive an email from my website with an inquiry, but it’s even better when someone picks up the phone and calls me.

    I means I have persuaded visitors to call using just the text and pictures on my site.

    I love to Print

    Things to Check Before Sending a Job to Print

    7 March 2012, 10:06

    Whenever I receive a delivery of brochures, leaflets or anything printed my heart rate increases. I love to see my designs in print, I can’t wait to get the box opened and see how it’s come out.

    There’s another reason that you might be a bit nervous to open that box of brochures, you might be a little worried to see if you missed any errors when the printer sent you a proof. That assumes you received a proof, which you may not have if you chose a budget on-line printer.

    I love to Print

    The 3 P's of Printing

    23 February 2012, 10:48

    Since going solo I’ve picked up work from all sorts of places from Southampton to Tyneside via Canary Wharf, and in all sorts of disciplines; web design & search engine marketing to various print projects.

    Much of my work has been on the web side of things, which is great as I LOVE designing websites and I’m not surprised that digital work makes up the bulk of my jobs.

    Wayne Stock Badge

    Build it and they will come...?

    14 February 2012, 10:04

    It’s a shame but websites aren’t like WayneStock.

    WayneStock was the fictional music festival of one of my favorite 90’s films, Wanyes World 2 (childish I know). At one point during the festival setup, Wayne gets disheartened that no artists will attend, the spirit of Jim Morrison arrives to reassure him saying “If you book them, they will come.” It’s a homage to the film Field of Dreams “If you build it, he will come” (not one of my favorite films).


    Description and Title Meta Tags

    8 February 2012, 12:35

    What to expect of your newly designed web site, it’s a subject I continually find myself coming back to. It’s also a subject I have to regularly visit with clients who’s shiny new site I’ve just created.

    I put a great deal of effort into ensuring that sites I design are “Google Friendly” in other words, created from the ground up to be easily index and read by search engine algorithms especially for some early identified appropriate terms and words.


    Derbyshire Snow

    5 February 2012, 21:18

    I suppose Derbyshire Snow is much like most other snow and like most of the UK, we had some on Saturday afternoon and Evening which led to a rather wonderful sight Sunday Morning.

    After a morning of fun in the snow and an afternoon of fixing gutter de-icing and yard clearing (I am Man), I managed to grab the NEX5 and dashed around the corner for some photos. The sun was struggling a touch but thanks to the beauty of the area and the width of the 16mm lens, I got some nice shots.


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